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40390 - ALC Polymer Benchtop Cabinet Blaster With Trigger Gun

Model # 40390
  • Made of tough LDPE polymer
  • 30" x 20" work area
  • One-piece construction (no leaks)
  • Self-adhesive underlay
  • Pistol grip trigger gun
  • 11666 Optional foot pedal
  • Full size top window/door
  • 40338 Optional light kit available
  • 34 lbs.
  • Ships UPS
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AWork Area: 30"W x 27"H x 20"D
Height: 28"
Door: Top
Gun: *Trigger
Dust Collector:  **Use 1-3 horsepower shop vac
Light: Optional
Weight: 34

* 11666 Foot Pedal Kit - Optional
*** Dust collector not provided, use your own 1-3 horsepower shop vac.
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User Price: $617.30


Part #ManufacturerDescription
11643 ALCWindow lens for 40390 15" x 27"
11604 ALCReplacement Trigger gun for 40389,40390 and 40391
11698 ALCWindow underlay for 40390 (5pk) 12" x 24"
40371 ALCSuction hose for 11604
40375 ALCAir Hose and Fitting Kit For All ALC Polymer Cabinets